English Isn’t Just A Cambridge Exam, It’s a Lifestyle

Think of it like this: when you’re preparing for a Cambridge exam, English is your new best friend. It goes everywhere with you. Exercise your English, warm it up, take it for a night out with some friends, and get comfortable with it. Here are four ways how:AC Languages Cambridge Exams

1) Dudded Movies Are Dead To You

Watching dubbed films is now (and will forever be) a sin. It’s like taking the lift instead of the stairs to get to the gym. You will join the rest of the English as a Second Language world and watch movies in English with English subtitles. Get used to it.

2) Podcasts Are Incredible (and Free) Listening Resources

Do you enjoy podcasts? Do you know what a podcast is? Google it. There’s an English podcast for every topic you can imagine. Do you love to surf? There’s a podcast for that. What about travel and culture? There are tons of podcasts about that too. And best of all, you can listen while you’re in the car, on the train, or cleaning your house. Listen obsessively to everything. Simple as that. Listen. all. the. time.

3) Reading Is Educational. Really?

Yes, really. Reading a book in English can improve your vocabulary and reinforce grammar structures. Don’t look up every word that you don’t understand. Practice guessing the word and when you do need to look something up in the dictionary (we recommend three words / page max.) make sure to write it down and review it. Find your system for keeping new vocabulary.

4) The Great Mystery to Improving Speaking

When you learned how to swim, did you stand on the beach studying the water? Sure you hesitated, but at some point you jumped in. You swallowed some water and maybe almost drowned, but look at you now you can swim! Speaking English is like swimming. In Barcelona there is a language exchange every night of the week. There are open, free events FULL of English speakers. Go there. Jump in. Talk to people. You might feel like you’re drowning, but it will get easier. You may even make a new friend. I promise you’ll thank us for this tip.