Cambridge Exams: I’ve just passed FCE, should I go for CAE?

First Certificate (FCE), or a B2 level, is now a necessary requirement for finishing university in Spain, as you well know.  This means that more and more students have now achieved this level, a great thing, and into the future an ever higher percentage of the population will have B2 level as well. How Can I Differentiate Myself From The Crowd? One way is to get your FCE and then keep using the language so that you maintain the level, something that many people don’t do. Every single AC Languages’ student has been told from the day they start class, “practice on your own”, “meet up with people”, “go to language exchanges”, and my personal favorite, “travel”. Going abroad and improving your English is marvelous, but for many not an option. While getting the Advanced level (CAE) here at home is completely possible and accessible to everyone.  CAE is a C1 level on the European scale, and is a real marker that will set you above your fellow graduates.  They will be able to communicate, but the C1 level will mean that you have a much wider range of vocabulary and much better control over the structures, both written and spoken. Someone with a B2 level of English can maintain a conversation on a variety of topics and deal with almost any study, travel and many work situations. But someone with a C1 level can express themselves on a far more complex level. C1 is the level most of us think on when we think of “fluency” which for most that means being able to communicate at almost the same level as our native language. Making FCE your end goal is like climbing a mountain and turning around before reaching the summit. Not to say the last push before the summit isn’t difficult, but the summit is where you truly enjoy the fruits of your labor.  And really, when a future employer is looking at your CV, having the C1 level will catch their eye in comparison to all the other people with B2. Not to mention being the fact that being able to communicate in English effortlessly will truly enrich you life, from travel to work and study. So what are you waiting for? Set your language goals high and continuously work towards them. CAE is well worth the work and the view from there is fabulous! Do you live in the Barcelona area? Contact AC Languages to get more info on Cambridge exam courses.